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Nutrition for Giant Breed Dogs


We have an ever-growing collection of resources and information on what to feed a Great Dane Puppy! This is arguably the most important decision you will make once you bring your new dog home.

Incorrect, unbalanced nutrition can lead to painful growth problems including knuckling, HOD, Dysplasia, Panosteitis, heart disease, and more.

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Training for Giant Breed Dogs


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Once your Great Dane puppy is home, you will want to start the training and socialization process immediately! An excellent breeder will have already introduced potty training, crate training, collars and leashes, handling (including nails, teeth and touching all over), and interaction with humans.

Now it’s your turn! We’ve developed an incredible Great Dane puppy socialization guide to get you started.

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Health for Giant Breed Dogs


The health of your Great Dane puppy is important! We have giant-breed dogs and that means they have special needs when it comes to their nutrition, orthopedic, gut, and immune system health.

There are some common growth disorders in Great Dane puppies that you should be informed about. You’ll find resources below for everything from knuckling to bloat!

Our most popular Great Dane Puppy Health Topics

Health Risks in Great Danes

Knuckling in Great Danes Resource Page

Is my Great Dane Puppy Knuckling?

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What is Bloat in Great Danes?

How do I Prevent Dog Bloat?

Ear Infections in Great Danes

When to Spay a Great Dane Puppy

Everything You Need


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Are you looking for information on what to buy before your Great Dane puppy comes home? Here are all the supplies, supplements, and treats that we recommend!

Our most popular Great Dane Puppy supplies topics

The Best Crates for Great Danes

The Best Foods for Great Dane Puppies

Nail Trimming Supplies for Great Dane Puppies

Recommended Great Dane Puppy Supplements

The Best Leashes for Great Danes

The Best Collars for Great Danes

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Humane or Not?


Ear cropping is a controversial procedure that must be done before a Great Dane puppy is 12 weeks of age, by a highly-qualified and experienced licensed veterinarian.

Aftercare includes posting the ears to stand upright, a process that may take up to 2 years to complete.

If you are interested in ear cropping for your Great Dane puppy, we have helpful, unbiased resources and information for you!

Ear Cropping Resources for Great Danes

What is Great Dane Ear Cropping?

How do I Train a Great Dane Puppies Ears to Stand Up?

The Two-Sided Ear Cropping Debate, Explained

Preservation & Ethics


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When it comes to choosing a Great Dane breeder, not all are created equal. Diligent attention to health issues, temperament, structure and appropriate health-testing is an important part of ethically breeding Great Danes!

Read here for more information about finding and choosing a Great Dane Breeder for your next puppy.

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