If we aren’t playing with our Danes, we’re probably blogging. 

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How to Fly with a Great Dane

Can you take a Great Dane on an airplane? This is a question we see a LOT in our Facebook group. Most airlines allow small dogs that can fit under the seat in crates, but that is obviously not going to work for those of us with giant breed dogs. Is it possible to fly

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Why Are So Many Dogs Getting Cancer?

A lot of us are concerned cancer in our beloved pets. It seems that everywhere we turn, there is another story of osteosarcoma, hemangiosarcoma, and even skin cancer in dogs. Why are so many dogs getting cancer? Is there any way to stop our dog from getting cancer? I’m covering those topics plus: This is

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Great Dane Sized Life Jackets

Are you ready to get on the water with your Great Dane? Finding Great Dane sized life jackets is tricky, so we did the work for you. We’re ranking and rating our favorites so that you and your giant dog can play at the lake or in the ocean all summer long! In addition to

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About US

We are Chris & Natalie.

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Advocates for Great Danes

We started this site in 2021.

Between the two of us, we have 5 Great Danes and a few angel Danes, too. We are actively involved in the community and participate in dog shows, training, and more.

Since we started, both of us have grown and changed in our beliefs and how we approach caring for our own Danes. Keeping an open mind will do that to you! We cannot wait to share what we’ve learned, all with a research-backed, evidence-based perspective. Let’s dig in, friends! 

New to Great Danes?

We have a lot to share with you!

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Great Dane Gear

We’ve built a shop just for people who own and love Great Danes! Giant clothes, gifts, training gear, digital guides and more are available at the Hello Danes Shop.

The Great Dane Puppy Info Page

We’ve put all of our most popular and important Dane puppy content into one place! Find everything from nutrition to training here.

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