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Ear cropping is a surgical procedure done on Great Dane puppies when they are 7-12 weeks of age. A Great Dane with cropped ears is regal and majestic!

The ear cropping procedure in Great Danes also requires aftercare and posting. Posting takes months and is the process by which the cropped ears are trained to stay upright.

If you have ever seen a Great Dane with ears that stand up, you have seen a Great Dane with cropped ears! Read to learn more about ear cropping.

Kindlefire Great Dane, well bred brindle great dane puppy
Shown above: a mantle Great Dane puppy with cropped ears that are being posted, image courtesy of Kindlefire Great Danes (used with permission). Notice the taping around the ears. That must be cleaned and changed often, and the puppy must wear them for months.


Great Danes are born with large floppy ears.

During a cropping procedure, the puppy is sedated and the ears are shaved.

A veterinarian then removes a large portion of the pinna (ear flap), sutures the edge and tapes the ears to a cone or to the puppies head.

Once the ears are fully healed from cropping (up to 2 weeks), the posting process can begin!

Here is a photo of two Great Dane Puppies that were just cropped. Image courtesy of Glacier Danes.

Below is the same mantle puppy from Glacier Danes a few weeks later. In this image, the ears have healed and have been put into posts.

Here is a photo of a Great Dane puppy before cropping, and then again after cropping as an adult. Notice how the ears stand up on their own.


Ear cropping should be performed by a licensed, insured and highly qualified/experienced cropping veterinarian.

We recommend asking your breeder for recommendations on the most talented ear crop veterinarians for your Great Dane. The best breeders will have puppies cropped before they are sent home.

If you live near Ohio, Dr. Anne Midgarden is highly regarded as one of the best Veterinarians in the Country for Great Dane ear cropping.

You can see some of her work here:


Shown above: A Great Dane puppy with cropped ears that are not fully standing yet. These ears need a lot more time in posts before the cartilage will be mature enough to help the ears stand on their own.

We have tons of resources for cropping, with more added often! Ear cropping is a permanent procedure that requires skill and owner dedication; we support you either way!


Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as a substitute for professional veterinary advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 

2 Responses

  1. Ear cropping is unnecessary, unnatural, and unethical. Endorsing ear cropping, tail docking, etc. in any way delegitimizes this site!

    1. Hi JW, thanks for your comment!

      We fully support crop OR flop, as long as those choosing crop are diligent in finding a highly qualified and experienced veterinarian.

      There are so many things going on in the world of Danes that are trulyconcerning. Bad breeding practices, timid temperaments, serious health problems, poor training, abuse.

      Cropping just doesn’t compare.

      If you’ve never been to a dog show and seen the well-kept, well-trained and properly enriched cropped Danes and recently cropped Dane puppies everywhere, who aren’t fussed or upset one bit about their ears, I encourage you to do so.

      Danes do not have their tails docked. If they do, it’s done later in life for medical reasons.

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