We are excited to have a place to showcase dog trainers that love working with Great Danes and have experience with Giant Breeds.

Because quality, ethics and transparency is important to us, we have a few basic guidelines for trainers that list on our website!

We reserve the right to remove or moderate listings that don’t meet our standards. Please scroll for more info below!

Your listing will be live on our website once we approve it. 

Please let us know if you would like to see more options or find a bug! We are still under active development. Hence the free part, yay!

We accept Positive, LIMA and Balanced/E-collar trainers that are operating thoughtfully and ethically with a focus on guidance, teaching and a positive relationship between dog + owner.

We do not support harsh, heavy handed or abusive training techniques (see below), or super restrictive ‘errorless force-free’ training, and hope that this helps Great Dane owners make informed decisions about how to find a quality trainer and work with their dog.

We ask that you have experience with, and a desire to work with giant breed dogs.

Great Danes are NOT for you if you believe that they need a heavier hand, are naturally aggressive, can’t compete in dock diving, Rally obedience or tricks, or that they are all couch potatoes.

It is helpful to understand their orthopedic and health needs, temperament, and what ethical Dane breeding and rescue look like.

If you have questions, ask us! We are here to help. We love trainers that help us teach owners how to find and choose ethical breeders, how to groom and care for their dogs, and how to work with rescues and rescue dogs.

Trainers must be insured and must carry appropriate licenses, especially if operating a boarding or dedicated training facility.

We support professional, ethical trainers that have experience, credentials and valuable humane techniques to share. We believed that positive-based BALANCED training is the most humane choice, however we support thoughtful positive reinforcement training methods as well.

We want to support you and your clients. Please add [email protected] so you receive our emails!

The following will result in moderation or removal of your listing:

Harsh/punitive and heavily punishment based training methods and recommendations, including but not limited to: physical power struggles, hitting, choking, stringing up, scruffing, jabbing, alpha rolls/pinning, bonkers, intimidation, isolation, pinching, kicking, cattle prods, shock (different than stim/E-Collar), flooding, or withholding necessary resources and access to food, water, shelter, exercise, medical care or contact.< Traditional / old-school punishment focused training. ‘Behavioralism’ and ‘psychology’ not rooted in legitimate, modern & reputable studied behavior science, including reality tv and similar training styles that rely on physically overpowering a Great Dane, intimidation, force, woo, deliberate fear and aggressive handling. Franchised or corporate dog training operations and trainers (Sit Means Sit, Off Leash K-9, Bark Busters, Petsmart, Petco, chain boarding facilities, etc.). Fake reviews (on home listing or for other trainers). Backyard breeders, unethical breeding and unethical rescue practices.

We believe that is important to connect Great Dane owners to ethical, quality dog trainers.

Great Danes are too often bred by unethical breeders, and sold to owners that find themselves overwhelmed by their huge, out of control, under-socialized, fearful, frustrated, bored, confused or even aggressive teenage Great Dane.

In our effort to solve the rescue problem and flood of intake requests that is plaguing our Great Dane rescues, we want to support and uplift trainers.

When we started searching, we noticed that the large, corporate franchise training operations bury the dog trainers that have tons of experience, certifications and an understanding of the needs of giant breed dogs.

Your small training business cannot always compete on google without quality backlinks, reviews and others in the industry backing you up!

When owners search ‘Great Dane Dog Trainer’, we want them to find you HERE. When rescues and breeders recommend trainers, we want you to be on their list because you are connected with us.

We want owners to work with you, not a franchise trainer pushing a shiny, canned method or a weekend warrior that learned how to train dogs by watching reality television.

We believe in Great Danes, and we believe in you! 

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Are you a Breeder or Rescue?

We also have registries for those! Please log in. You can add a breeder or rescue registry and we will approve if they meet our guidelinse. Rescue registries are free for life. Breeder registries are free for the first year.


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