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I have a medical question about my Great Dane

The information on this website to help Great Dane owners, however, we are NOT medical professionals. If you see something with your Great Dane that seems to be an immediate or long-term threat to their well-being, please contact your veterinarian. 

I have a training question about my Great Dane

We are both well-versed in training and behavior, but our knowledge cannot replace the work of a highly-qualified positive-balanced trainer or behaviorist that can meet your dog in person.

A quality trainer can assess the situation and teach you how to teach your dog. While we do provide some training advice on our website, we encourage you to work locally with somebody that you trust.


I have a nutrition Question about my Great Dane

We love to share research and evidence-based tips for nutrition, health, and wellness. We may even recommend some amazing products that we love to help your Great Dane live his/her best life.

However, we are NOT veterinary nutritionists and if you are having a nutrition-specific problem with your dog, we encourage you to reach out to a veterinarian or better yet, a board-certified veterinary nutritionist. 

I have questions about breeding Great Danes

If you have questions about breeding Danes, please reach out to your local Great Dane breed club.

Get connected with other HIGH-quality breeders and a reproductive veterinarian who can mentor and guide you.

If you want an honest assessment of your breeding program or a breeder that you want to buy from, we are always happy to provide our opinion.