There are thousands of Great Danes all over the world looking for a new place to land. Many of them are there through no fault of their own and can be amazing companions to bring into your home!

This page links all of our rescue and adoption resources, with information about fostering, 501c3 rescues, and finding a rescue to work with for surrendering, volunteering or adopting.

We encourage all dog owners and breeders to support rescues! The work they do is necessary & important.


Adopting an adult Great Dane from a quality 501c3 rescue means that you will be bringing a dog in that has a known temperament. An ethical rescue will be up front and will never place a dog in a home that isn’t truly the right fit. 

Rescue dogs are fully vetted and your expenses towards vaccines and spay/neuter will be minimal if not non-existent.

Great Danes from rescue often seem to know they’ve been rescued, and develop amazing bonds with their new owners.

Choosing to rescue can bring immense joy to your home! There are many great rescue Danes out there that would love to join your family.

Great Dane rescues NEED fosters! Fosters are people willing to give a Great Dane space on the couch until they find a home. This can be an amazing way to help out AND you never know; you just might foster-fail!

How do ethical breeders help rescue dogs?

Ethical breeders are focused on creating healthy, well-tempered dogs. Dogs that are set up for success are much less likely to end up in a rescue situation, straining the resources of rescues.

Look at any Great Dane rescue. Many of the dogs there are from ‘breeders’ that didn’t care where the dogs they created ended up.

They may have preventable and painful genetic or environmental health problems, aggression or fearful personalities that can largely be tied back to poor breeding practices. This including the practice of selling puppies to anyone who will give them cash for it.

Ethical breeders stand by their dogs and offer buyer support and a lifetime return guarantee. No thoughtfully bred Great Dane will ever strain the resources of a rescue, so long as this concept is practiced.

Ethical breeders support rescues through education, resources, advocacy and more. 

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