If you’ve been here a while you know that we LOVE E-Collar technologies.

We use our E-Collars like invisible, wireless leashes…not shock collars. There is literally nothing better than providing our dogs with joyful off-leash freedom (and joyful they are!).

This week I tried a comfort pad on my E-Collar for our Great Dane Figaro, and let me just say, if you are using an E-Collar you should definitely know about this!

On my mantle Great Dane Figaro, our E-Collar was actually causing the white fur on his collar to stain. Yikes! I read that an E-Collar comfort pad may help, and decided to give it a try.

Check out my honest hands-on E-Collar comfort pad review below:


If you want to learn more about proper E-Collar training, and if you are ready to ditch the leash, check out our helpful guide!  https://www.hellodanes.com/product/great-dane-e-collar-training-guide/

E-Collar Comfort Pads for Great Danes

Comfort Pads are an amazing upgrade to your E-Collar. These are easy to install and help avoid staining, pressure sores and irritation from traditional E-Collar contact points.

We highly recommend pairing comfort pads with a bungee collar for the best and most reliable fit.

See our video review of comfort pads below!

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