Today we are talking all about the best shock collars for Great Danes

Wait, hold the fort! 

We actually want to teach you about the best E-Collars for Great Danes! 

Shock collars are so 2001. The modern e-collar is humane and used in a much different (and more impactful) way than the old zap zap zap. 

If you’ve found our blog post today you may be wondering if choosing a shock or E-Collar for your Great Danes is even the right choice! Chances are, you are feeling frustrated or overwhelmed by your Great Dane and some behavioral issues, including running off, jumping the fence, barking and eating off the counter.

We hear you, friend! Guess what? An E-Collar is a much better tool than a shock collar to solve ALL of those problems. The investment you make into a proper E-Collar for your Great Dane can save you thousands in medical and training bills! 

Read on to learn more about the differences between a shock collar and an E-Collar, and to see which E-Collar models we recommend for your Great Dane. 


SHOCK COLLARS rely on static to ‘zap’ the dog, not unlike a cattle prod, hot wire fence or sticking your wet finger in a plug socket.

Shock is startling, often painful and scientifically understood to easily increase anxiety, frustration, stress and even aggression.  Shock collars are cheap and easy to find on Amazon or even the local pet store, and many (though not all) wireless fencing systems rely on shock. 

The cheaper the shock collar, the more likely it is to be unreliable (including shocking dogs at too-high of a level or otherwise malfunctioning). Like we said, shock collars are so 2001. 

E-COLLARS rely on muscle stimulation, not unlike the sensation you may feel from a tens unit that a doctor, therapist or chiropractor might use. The stimulation from an e-collar feels like a tickle or muscle twitch.

This is a VERY different feeling than the annoying and painful zap that you may receive by touching something metal after rubbing your feet on the floor. 

When a dog is properly conditioned to view a low-level stimulation as a positive thing, the dog is not hurt, startled or frustrated by it. As a matter of fact, the dog knows exactly what to do and quickly learns how to ‘turn the stimulation off’, most often by coming right back to you!

Studies show that confrontational and painful training methods (including the improper use of shock collars, ie. the ‘easy button method’) can increase aggression, fear and other behavioral problems. 

We do not support the old school practice of slapping a shock collar on a dog and hitting the shock, beep or vibrate button every time the dog steps out of line. It’s understandable, of course, but there are much better ways. 

That method (as good as it may feel at the time) often confuses dogs and gives shock collars (and unfortunately E-Collars) a bad name. 

Read any book from a respected E-Collar dog trainer and they will tell you the same! 

If you are ready to step into the current decade, walk with us…


With some simple conditioning and training, a properly used E-Collar can help your dog: 

  • Have a reliable and enthusiastic recall (off-leash freedom, finally!)
  • Calmly ignore dogs and people walking by
  • Stop lunging and jumping
  • Stay behind an invisible boundary
  • Stop fence jumping and nuisance barking
  • Stop counter surfing
  • Redirect away from rude social interactions
  • Immediately recall to you in an emergency


All without pain, fear or frustration.

We are here to be a resource for you when it comes to all things E-Collar, positive dog training and more. A well-trained Great Dane is happier, healthier and a joy to live with!


If you’ve made the decision to pursue E-Collar training with your Great Dane, we are here for you!

We highly recommend E-Collar Technologies Educator series collars (ET-300, ET-400 and ET-900 models) (LINKS BELOW!)

The Mini-Educator (300), the Educator (400) and the EZ Educator (900) models offer adjustable stim levels from 1-100.

Most dogs will respond enthusiastically and work at level 10-15 or less, and most humans can barely feel the stim, if at all, until level 8 or more!


The Mini-Educator remote collar is a simple, easy to use rugged system that comes in a one or two dog model. (One remote can control two dogs independently). 

The receiver and remote are impact-resistant and waterproof, and features include adjustable stim, tapping sensation, tone and night light. 

We recommend the Mini-Educator for Great Dane owners that need a 1/2 mile or less range and want an easy-to-use choice without bonus frills. Choose the one or two dog system below. Everything you need to get started is included. 


The Educator remote collar offers a bigger range (3/4 mile) than the Mini-Educator listed above.

The receiver and remote are rugged and waterproof, and features include adjustable stim, tapping sensation, tone and night light.

The Educator is also available in a one or two dog system, if you have multiple dogs!

We recommend the Educator for Great Dane owners that need more range than the Mini-Educator (ET-300) series can offer, but still prefer simplicity and ergonomics. Choose the one or two dog system below, and get started! 


The EZ Educator remote collar offers a 1/2 mile range and endless customization options.

The receiver and remote are rugged and waterproof. Features include adjustable stim, adjustable tapping sensation, adjustable tone and more!

The EZ Educator is available in a one, two, three or four dog system and is often the tool of choice for professional dog trainers.

We recommend the EZ Educator for Great Dane owners that love technology and like having choice in their hands. The EZ Educator system can be used with up to four dogs (one remote controls each independently) and is endlessly customizable. Remember, no two dogs are the same, and this tool addresses that beautifully!

We are an authorized E-Collar Technologies dealer and chose to work with this brand, not the others, because it’s the one we believe in the most! They have the best customer service and the most reliable E-Collars we’ve worked with.  

When you order from Hello Danes, you are backed by Great Dane lovers, and will receive the latest model collar directly from the manufacturer.  

We are here to support you with all of your Great Dane, positive training and E-Collar questions! 

Imagine reliably training your Great Dane using a communication that you may barely be able to feel yourself.

Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT need to shock or scare your dog into obedience. The E-Collar is a powerful tool that when used correctly, provides much more outstanding results than traditional shock collar training! EVEN with large, in-charge and currently out of control dogs. 

Of course, because the E-Collar is adjustable (100 different levels!) you can find the magic place where your dog responds, and utilize a stronger stim for the times when the dog is distracted or needs immediate redirection for safety reasons. 


  • E-Collar training begins with teaching the dog to associate the stim feeling with positive things such as treats, praise, fun and attention. Not punishment!
  • Proper E-Collar training relies heavily on positive reinforcement. You can teach a dog MUCH faster if you first teach and reward them for the behavior that you want, and then use the E-Collar to clarify the communication.
  • Unlike zap and startle shock collar training, you’ll be able to fade out the need for stim because your dog will be an active participant in training. 
  • Having a dog ‘cower and run’ when you ‘show them the remote’ is not a positive thing. With E-Collar training, the remote is never a threat, and scaring your dog into obedience isn’t the goal. 


  • First, the dog is conditioned to view the stim sensation, at a low-level, as a positive thing. Stim = treats and praise, YAY! If you do this correctly, the dog will feel the stim and get really excited about it. 
  • Second, the dog is taught, using positive reinforcement what the word ‘COME’ means. Starting at a short distance with no distractions, the dog quickly learns without error or correction that COME = good things such as praise, games and treats.
  • Third, the dog learns that STIM + COME together = come back, starting at a short distance. Because both STIM and COME = good things, the dog responds. 
  • With just a few short weeks of practice, you can then utilize stim and positive reinforcement to your advantage at increasing distances and around more distractions such as people, dogs, cars and children.
  • As the dog returns, you can use the dial to gradually reduce the stim sensation, similar to a game of hot and cold…only in this case, ‘cold’ is the goal! .
  • The dog quickly learns that staying close and coming back = being able to turn the stim sensation both down and eventually off, which is VERY rewarding to the dog.

    Remember, with E-Collar training your dog is an ACTIVE participant in the training, and that’s why it works! 


Visit our E-Collar shop, and feel free to reach out and ask questions! We regularly take 5 Great Danes off-leash, thanks to E-Collars and positive reinforcement training. Need more motivation?

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