Easy Educator Remote Dog E-Collar, E-Collar Technologies ET-900 Series


The ET-900 Series training collar by E-Collar Technologies is the most advanced dog training collar available.

Imagine off-leash freedom with your Great Dane, knowing that your dog will come back to you, with enthusiasm, every time! Choose a one, two, three or four dog training system in the drop down (these training collars are appropriate for any dog, even small ones!)

When used properly, a quality e-collar is humane and can put a stop to dangerous and annoying problem behaviors such as lunging, barking, counter-surfing and jumping the fence. Read below for more information about e-collar training! Free resources are coming soon.

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With a few quick, positive daily training exercises, your E-Collar becomes a wireless leash for your dog.

The modern E-Collar is NOT a shock collar. It provides gentle, non-aversive stimulation that is used as a communication, not a correction. 

This communication is more gentle and less aversive than a head collar, no-pull harness or a long leash. Most dogs are incredible responsive at stimulation levels that most humans cannot even feel!

You do not have to ‘shock your dog’ into obedience; all you have to do is communicate.

Step with us into 2021 and enjoy off-leash freedom and more for your Great Dane! 

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One Dog System, Two Dog System, Three Dog System, Four Dog System


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