Educator Remote Dog E-Collar, E-Collar Technologies ET-400 Series


The ET-400 Series training collar by E-Collar Technologies is a perfect option for Great Dane owners that need a little more range (3/4 mile) than what is offered by the ET-300/Mini-Educator.

Imagine off-leash freedom with your Great Dane, knowing that your dog will come back to you, with enthusiasm, every time! Choose a one-dog or two-dog training system in the drop down (these training collars are appropriate for any dog, even small ones!)

When used properly, a quality e-collar is humane and can put a stop to dangerous and annoying problem behaviors such as lunging, barking, counter-surfing and jumping the fence. Read below for more information about e-collar training! Free resources are coming soon.

We are an authorized E-Collar Technologies dealer and currently offer free shipping on all e-collars!


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One Dog System, Two Dog System

1 review for Educator Remote Dog E-Collar, E-Collar Technologies ET-400 Series

  1. Laya_aka_lil_bigs

    We bought the Educator after reading your blog. It made a huge difference on Hendrix! I combine it with positive reinforcement training too. It’s literally life changing! My back was so bad from her pulling on her leash while we walked and I was always nervous because she wanted to play and would lunge. Leash walks are a pleasure now, no pulling or lunging. I didn’t want to use a shock collar and this was a better solution! Thank you! (From our Instagram, @layla_aka_lil_bigs

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