Today we are providing our honest review of the Easy Educator E-Collar model 900, the ‘EZ EDUCATOR’ series from E-Collar technologies.

As Great Dane lovers, it’s important to us that owners are choosing the most humane tools and training methods. We do NOT support the use of cheap shock collars, or the use of any kind of electric collar as a corrective ‘easy button’.

We do stand behind E-Collars though, with the believe that humane, effective and positive E-Collar training involves conditioning the dog to the stimulation and teaching the dog to understand that it means GOOD things, not punishment. The stimulation from a quality E-Collar will be blunt and feel like a small tingle, not a sharp static shock.

A properly used E-Collar is less aversive and more effective than a long leash, head harness, no-pull harness or squirt bottle.

We believe in E-Collars because off-leash freedom = a beautiful life for you and your family pet.

(If you need more information on the important difference between a SHOCK (sharp static correction meant to scare/startle) collar and an E-Collar (gentle muscle stimulation meant to work as a communication), read our blog post here).


EASY Educator collar

The Easy Educator dog collar ships quickly and is packaged in a beautiful box that has a small footprint (less waste!).

E-Collars can often feel like a ‘harsh’ or ‘utilitarian’ type of tool, but this packaging offers a sense of positivity and aesthetics that speak to confident, happy family dogs (not scared dogs being shocked into submission). 

We ordered the TWO dog system for this review, however the 900 series Educator collars come in a one, two, three or four dog system. 

With multi-dog systems you can control each dog independently from the same remote.  


Inside of the box is a manual, a remote, two receivers attached to two collars (one black collar, one red collar), a charger with a USB cable and a splitter (the remote and both receivers can be charged at the same time), a lanyard and large and small contact points (plus a tool to change them out, depending on the length of your dogs fur). 

The receivers are small and lightweight, which really surprised me! They look like they should weigh a ton, but they don’t. The manufacturer states that the stim collar can be used on dogs as small as 5lbs. 

The box also includes a printed note reminding us that the ET-900 Series educator dog collars can be connected to a computer where advanced settings and customizations can be accessed.

This means that EACH collar can be completely customized to the dog that will be wearing it! After looking into this, we believe that this function is what sets the 900 series apart from the Mini Educator series.

The included biothane collars are rugged, washable and waterproof. Biothane is the perfect material for E-Collars, as many E-Collar trained dogs enjoy adventures outdoors that involve dirt, mud and water!

The collars are definitely long enough to fit any Great Dane, and can be cut down in length if needed. You can also replace the included biothane collar with any of the gorgeous handmade options found on Etsy or at Beau and Nora (our favorite place to get them).



Both the receivers AND the remote are completely waterproof. Your dog can safely swim in the Educator remote collar without fear of being ‘zapped’ by cheap faulty electronics. E-Collar Technologies stands behind this and will support you with this purchase forever.

The company also states that the Easy Educator is impact-proof. If you drop it, you don’t have to worry about it not working, malfunctioning and running too ‘hot’ and hurting your dog. This is a BIG reason we stand behind quality E-Collars and NEVER inexpensive ‘dog training shock devices’ found on Amazon or in pet stores. 

The top of the receiver has a connection spot (the red dot) that connects the receiver and collar electronically, and LED lights that blink green when a connection has been made.

The light on the receiver can also be turned on as a night tracking light so that you can see your off-leash dog in the dark! 

The remote included with the EZ Educator is yellow and has a large digital display. A lanyard can be attached so you can carry it around your neck. Like the receivers, the remote is lightweight (and waterproof).

The remote has a 1/2 mile range. Unless you are working with hunting and tracking, few dog owners need more off-leash roaming space than that. (If you are looking for more range, consider the Educator 400 series here).

On the top is the dial which allows you to adjust stim levels up and down. The dial requires some effort to move, which will prevent you from accidentally dialing the stim up too high. We also understand that this remote can be programmed to ‘lock’ at a chosen stim level, so that you cannot accidentally turn the stim up too high (and startle your dog).

Each dog is assigned their own buttons and you can control each dog completely independently. The buttons are recessed behind a rubber casing, which makes them waterproof and also safe from accidental ‘butt dialing’.

We LOVE these built-in safety features! 

The Educator collars offer adjustable stim, and the 900 series offers adjustable tone and adjustable vibrate as well. Programming allows you to adjust how these buttons (which are ergonomically placed) will be used for each dog.

There is also a function where the stim can begin at a low level (so as not to scare your dog) and have it automatically increase to a set level.

We believe the EZ EASY EDUCATOR 900 series is the most high-tech E-Collar available, and perfect for dog owners that like customizations, options, and geeky tech stuff! 

Shop the Easy Educator 900 HERE (choose your model for # of dogs), and use code ECOLLARMAGIC for $10 off. 


We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again. Shock collar training is EASY, but E-Collar training is a lifestyle. If you want to shock or vibrate your dog every time they do something wrong, a cheap shock collar will work.

Easy button shock collar training, however, is NOT a method that we support for several reasons. Dogs trained this way with shock collars can easily become aloof, nervous, anxious, over-excited, frustrated or even aggressive. Cheap shock collars are unreliable and more likely to malfunction and hurt your dog. They provide a sharp static shock that causes many dogs to (understandably) show signs of stress and begin to act on it.

E-Collar training, however, requires a change in how you communicate but it will PAY OFF! Not only will you want to learn the ins and outs of your E-Collar remote and how it works, it’s important to put some time into actually working with your dog so that your dog knows that stim is a good thing and knows how to respond to it. 

E-Collars are a communication tool, NOT a correction tool. If you want off-leash freedom and confident, curious and happy family dogs, choose E-Collars. 

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