There is almost nothing more special than a Great Dane puppy! Both of us have 5 month old pups right now and have recently been going through that insane time where they seem to grow right in front of our eyes. 


When you bring a Great Dane puppy into your home, you are literally bringing an infant to the family!

They know absolutely nothing, other than that:

  • They are hungry
  • They can squat and pee comes out
  • You are warm
  • Biting is fun
  • The big dog they saw was scary
  • They can squat and more pee comes out
  • They are still hungry
  • Your food smells good
  • Did I mention that they squat and pee comes out? 


The first night the puppy is either going to sleep well and TRICK you into thinking they are perfect, or they are going to cry and cry and cry. 

Make sure they have warm bedding, a full tummy, and your comfort. Touch their crate, sleep near them until they learn that this new place isn’t so scary after all. 



We hope you are aren’t too attached to your carpet, because that puppy is going to find a way to pee on it whether you like it or not. 

These little guys have absolutely NO knowledge of their bladder and no control at all. They have to pee and it just happens. Same deal with poop. 

PRO TIP: turn the auto-schedule off on your robot vacuum. Can we say ‘poop painting’? 

Don’t expect consistency and reliability with potty training until at least 4-5 months of age, and that’s only if you have been diligent with training and management. 


Puppy teeth are SHARP! 

Imagine owning a shark with a mouth full of needles that wants nothing more than to BITE YOU. 

Welcome to the world of having a Great Dane puppy! 

Read our ‘How to stop puppy biting’ article here. 

 Everybody is going to want to love on the puppy and meet him or her. Make sure you don’t overwhelm your new puppy with too many sights, sounds and experiences! They need lots and lots of sleep and lots of time to learn your routine. 


People will have an opinion. Here are some of our ‘favorites’ that you can expect to hear:

  • You know that dog is going to be huge, right? (Nope, really? We had no idea!)
  • I hope you bought a horse trailer!
  • How much does that thing eat, anyways?
  • Are you sure that’s a Great Dane? It looks kind of small (sigh, yes because it’s a PUPPY! They don’t come out 150lbs with pointy ears).
  • Are you sure that’s a Great Dane? Danes have pointy ears! (If you keep ears intact).
  • Wow those paws are HUGE!
  • I would never own a Great Dane, they don’t live long.


Great Dane puppies grow alarmingly fast. 

Basically, they will take a 2 hour nap and WAKE UP BIGGER. 

You cannot possibly take enough photos, so clear your phone now and get ready. 

Within weeks you will no longer be able to pick your puppy up. 

They are awkward, clumsy, and take forever to grow into graceful, loping, well-muscled adults. 



They may be frustrating at times and you may grow tired of the noise, peeing and biting but hang in there. These dogs are worth it! 

Before you know it you’ll have a well-trained, calm adult dog and will be dreaming of the day when you will bring sweet puppy breath and snuggles into your home again. 

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