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Today we are giving you our detailed, unpaid Halo Dog Collar review! The Halo Collar is a dog training collar that in theory, allows your dog to be off-leash anywhere you go. If you’ve found this popular post on our site, awesome! That means you are a dedicated pet owner looking to safely and humanely get your pup off-leash. We love that!

People are interested in the Halo Dog training collar (and now the Halo 3 for dogs) because it offers something no other device has yet: automated boundaries for your dog using a phone app. Allow me to clarify:

The idea is amazing. Put this Halo Collar on your dog, draw a boundary on a map in the phone app, and the collar will keep your dog inside of the boundary (with some training, of course!).

Imagine the possibilities! This is an idea that many people have asked about but no company had done gracefully yet. Many other similar boundary collars and invisible fences for dogs are clunky, huge, and unreliable. Underground boundary fences can be hard to install (not to mention expensive!). Worse, many other off-leash training fences utilize painful shocks that cause dogs to scream and fear being in the yard.

The Halo Dog Collars are marketed as a modern, more humane, and more effective alternative to traditional invisible shock fences.

The difference between a Halo 3 collar and an invisible fence is huge.

We were DEFINITELY intrigued and know that a lot of Great Dane owners are asking about Halo, Halo 2+, and Halo 3 Collar reviews.

This is our review of the HALO dog Collar by Cesar Milan. Is this a Halo Collar buyer beware, or a Halo Collar buyer buy it? Read on, friends…

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Does the Halo 3 Dog Collar Shock the Dog?

The Halo Dog Collar uses tone, voice corrections, and stimulation.

Stimulation is an electrical current that causes the muscle to twitch. Think of this like a tactile sensation, no different than leash tension or touch. When used at low levels, muscle stimulation can be used as a positive tactile communication. This sensation is not the same as ‘shock’ and should not cause negative associations or feelings for dogs that are trained properly to understand what it means.

On the other hand, when used at high levels, muscle stimulation is an aversive sensation that can be used as a correction. However, at low levels, it is an incredible tool that replaces leash tension.

Think of it this way:

Shock = sharp poke with a stick
Low level stimulation = gentle leash pressure
High level stimulation = stronger leash pressure + squeeze pressure from a collar

Shock (which is intended to be painful) and stimulation (which is intended to be a gentle tactile sensation) are two different things.

While Halo pet collar did NOT pioneer modern stimulation like what is used in E-Collar technologies e-collars, they are using stimulation (not shock) in the Halo, Halo 2, and Halo 3 collar. Modern stimulation collars are the ONLY kind we recommend, so Halo gets 5 stars from us for this!


Halo Dog Containment Systems Reviews – What is the Halo Dog Collar?

The Halo, Halo 2, and Halo 3 Dog collar is an automated E-Collar. It uses sound, vibration, and electronic stimulation to teach and reinforce invisible boundaries. This can keep your dog safe while off-leash!

Imagine this. You create a virtual fence using the Halo App on your phone. In this example, you might draw a map that is meant to keep your dog on your front lawn.

As your dog approaches the boundary of the edge of the lawn, the collar lets the dog know that they are nearing it. If the dog chooses to disregard the first communication, the collar can use stimulation (a form of pressure) to discourage continued movement towards the boundary. It will then reward them for turning away from the boundary (back onto your lawn, yay!).

From what we understand, the user has a lot of control over how corrections are implemented and used. This is very helpful because every dog is different!

The collar will, with training, keep your dog inside of that invisible fence. This could be very helpful technology! We definitely like the concept.

If your dog gets out of the boundary that you set, despite warnings and corrections, a feature it built in that will allow you to find your dog with the included GPS tracker. This is a nice feature.

The Halo collar retails for nearly $1000 (yes, you read that correctly!) but is occasionally seen offered at around $699.

2023 Update: The Halo 3 has been released with updates to the GPS capabilities and overall build.

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Is There a Monthly Fee for the Halo Collar?

Yes, there is a monthly fee associated with the Halo Collar app.

We have noticed that it’s something many buyers are VERY surprised by!

The monthly fees to use the required app are an additional cost. Without a paid monthly subscription, the features of the Halo Dog Collar are very limited.

The Cesar dog collar comes in two colors and three sizes; the largest size Collar expands to 30.5″ and may or may not fit a giant breed dog. Measure your dogs neck before ordering!

Now, if you have spent any time on our site, you know that we support ethical, positive, and humane E-Collar use.

We are not going to have any issue at all with the concept of the Halo Collar as an electric training device. Keeping a dog safe by using tactile electric communication is one of the most gentle, humane, and responsible things dog owners can do.

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How Well Does the Halo Collar Work?

The idea behind the Halo Collar is that it automates boundary training. It’s kind of like a modern ‘invisible fence’.

The Halo marketing department focuses heavily on this tool easily giving dogs off-leash freedom anywhere you go. How cool would it be to go camping, and be able to keep your pup on your campsite?

It’s important to note that all training devices require diligent training and conditioning. The Halo, Halo 2, and Halo 3 are no exception. Do not expect to put this collar on your dog and be quickly and easily safely off leash anywhere you go.

Because it works on GPS and a phone APP, your dog’s safety relies on the system not experiencing a technical failure of some kind.

As with ANY training tool, it also relies on your ability to follow the training instructions and work with your dog on a regular basis.

If the Halo 3 collar gps system is functioning and you’ve spent time teaching your dog how to respond to the communications from the Halo Collar, it can absolutely work beautifully!

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The Halo Dog Collar by Cesar Milan

People are Talking: Real-Life Halo Dog Collar Reviews

Unfortunately, there have reports from people that their smart off-leash dog collar has broken, stopped functioning, doesn’t work, and is cheaply made.

A lot of people on Youtube cite that the original Halo collar is made primarily of weak plastic parts which may fail and leave your dog unprotected. Halo made improvements to their dog off-leash collar with the Halo 2, and we are optimistic that the Halo 3 is a game changer!

JUNE 2022 UPDATE: We’ve read that Halo has supposedly completely fixed and updated many reported issues.

If you are looking to purchase a Halo Collar for your dog, you should in theory feel much more confident in the newer model. We are giving this some time before updating our review with information about the quality and consistency of the newer version.


GPS Automation Failures on the Halo Wireless Fence

There have been some reports out there that the GPS aspect of the collar, on the original and currently updated version, can at times be unreliable. This is largely related to the nature of technology and GPS.

Unreliable electronics and poor use of corrections are a massive reason that we never advocate for the use of cheap shock collars (remember, a properly used E-Collar is different).

Normally we say to stay away from cheap shock collars….but this device isn’t cheap! We believe that a solid amount of technology and research has gone into this device.

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How the Halo Dog Training Collar Works

IF the Halo collar is actually functioning properly with a strong, reliable GPS connection to the ‘fence’ you built in the app, you do still have to work on training.

Don’t be made to believe that this is an ‘easy fix’ to a well-trained dog.

Proper conditioning and training are important with any training tool, including harnesses, so this is to be expected. However, this training should be fun and easy!

The Cesar dog collar functions by using a tone or audible voice and then static (muscle stimulation) to remind dogs to turn away from a boundary.

The company does say you have to train your dog how to respond to the collar, and the app walks you through the process. It’s automated, but not automatic.

Once your dog understands how to respond to the communication from the collar, you should be able to draw a boundary and have your dog understand it, almost anywhere that you go.

The collar will issue sounds, verbal communications, and static stimulation as needed to direct your dog into the boundary.


Is the Halo Collar Worth It?

The price of the Halo Dog Collar is premium, there is no question about that. For some dog owners, this is cost prohibitive. A simple long leash can accomplish a similar thing for much, much less.

As before, we are hopeful that recent updates to their device will give millions of dogs a valuable opportunity to be off-leash! The Halo Collar may be the ideal solution for you if:

  • You don’t have a fence
  • You regularly visit people where there is no fence
  • You like to go camping and want your dog to stay within a boundary of the tent site
  • You want a simple, user-friendly training tool
  • You don’t mind automating parts of your off-leash training
  • You have a dog that likes to learn, likes to be near you and already has a least a basic recall
  • Your pet is not reactive or aggressive, or has reactivity that is well managed
Halo dog collar review


Now that you’ve read our Halo Dog Collar review, would you buy one?

Do we think you should buy a Halo dog collar?

Do we believe that the Halo 3 for Dogs is a solid update to what was previously a somewhat unreliable product?

I am optimistic in my belief that the Halo Dog Collar is a great choice for many pet owners. We LOVE that they no longer focus so much on their relationship with Cesar Milan (a very controversial dog trainer), and that they are continually improving their products.

The main reason we’d recommend a HALO collar is for people who cannot build a physical fence around their property and want something slightly more flexible than a traditional invisible fence.

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Halo Dog Treats Reviews

Are Halo dog treats legit? Some people confuse the Halo Collar with the Halo dog food and dog treats company.

We do not recommend Halo Dog food, but the treats may be ok!

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as a substitute for professional veterinary advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 

9 Responses

  1. Have been using my halo 2 collar for 2 weeks or 3. one of the contact tips for stimulation broke off. I am seeking replacement collar but am skeptical. I will update this thread with follow up. I did not use the collar immediately so may not have warranty–not that it should matter ethically as if you’re product breaks within 2 weeks of use you should replace. it.

    The collar was working great and saved the day for our unique and large property in the country so I do love this collar. Back soon with their response.

    1. How frustrating! Please keep us posted when they send you a replacement. Make sure to ask them if you are getting a new one or a refurbished collar as the replacement, too. These collars are too expensive for things like that to be happening 🙁 The idea of this collar is great and we hope you can get one that holds up!

  2. Been using this collar (halo 2) for only 4 months and I’m amazed! The short whistle sound it makes when near a boundary puts our pup at our side every single time. We’ve only had 3 actual “emergency feedbacks” (electronic stimulation) and it turned him around every time, even in “squirrel” situations. I’d say the only thing to remember is to set the app to “ignore fences” when the dog is inside. GPS (not the collar) is unreliable under a roof and the pup can get “stimulated electronically” even when inside if not they have a feature that deactivated it when GOS signal is low, but it still happens occasionally.

    1. Thank you for sharing your honest assessment with us! We agree that because it’s an automated tool, there is always a chance of the dog being corrected at the wrong place or time. You bring up a GREAT point about setting it to ignore fences while indoors! Smart tip!

  3. Any product like this should not be used on sighthounds. My Afghans are very well behaved and have decent recall. However, if a squirrel or cat were to run by, a sighthound with a full head of steam will blow right through an invisible fence. No amount of recall will stop them.

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