The Halo Collar is a new dog training collar by reality TV star Cesar Millan.

People are interested in the Halo Dog training collar because it offers something no other device has yet: automated boundaries for your dog based on a phone app.

The idea is amazing. Put this Halo Collar on your dog, draw a boundary on a map in the phone app and the collar will keep your dog inside of the boundary.

Imagine the possibilities! This is an idea that many people have asked about but no company had done gracefully yet. These devices are marketed as a modern alternative to traditional invisible shock fences.

This is our review of the HALO Collar by Cesar Milan.


The Halo Dog collar is an automated E-Collar. It uses sound, vibration, and electronic stimulation to teach and reinforce invisible boundaries. 

Using a phone app that is connected to the collar, you can create an invisible fence. 

The collar will, in theory, keep your dog inside of that invisible fence. This could be very helpful technology!

If your dog gets out of the boundary that you set, despite warnings and corrections, you are supposed to be able to find your dog with the included GPS tracker. 

The Halo collar retails for nearly $1000 (yes, you read that correctly!) but is occasionally seen offered at around $799. The monthly fees to use the app are an additional cost. Without a paid monthly subscription, the features of the collar are very limited.

It comes in two colors and three sizes; the largest size Halo Collar expands to 30.5″ and may or may not fit your Great Dane. 

Now, if you have spent any time on our site, you know that we support ethical, positive and humane E-Collar use. (We have a guide on how to do this, you can read more about our method and check it out here:


There are hundreds if not THOUSANDS of reports from people that their Halo collar is broken, stopped functioning, doesn’t work and is cheaply made. This is NOT a few random bad reviews. The % of customers unhappy with this product is unreal. 

Halo deletes MANY of these comments and negative feedback from the commentary on their social media ads. As a matter of fact, when I politely commented asking them a question about their tool and the training method, I was BLOCKED!

We were able to find a video on Youtube with nearly 20K views that outlines many things that are wrong with the Halo Collar. It is made primarily of weak plastic parts which may fail and leave your dog unprotected. 

Several people, including the person in this video have reported that if they had problems with their collar, they were given an option to purchase a refurbished model for another $250. 

Halo says often ‘we are working on it’. 


There have been enough reports out there that the GPS aspect of the collar is unreliable that we are concerned that the collar is correcting dogs inappropriately. 

If the GPS thinks the dog is at the boundary, and corrects the dog with warnings and static, but the dog is actually sitting right next to you, that’s a massive problem. Or imagine if the dog is running towards the boundary (and perhaps even traffic), and the GPS thinks the dog is right next to you…

Well. We don’t want to think about that. 

Unreliable electronics and poor use of corrections is a massive reason that we never advocate for the use of cheap shock collars (remember, a properly used E-Collar is different).

Normally we say to stay away from cheap shock collars….but this device isn’t cheap! It’s insanely expensive, and we’re not sure why. 


IF the Halo collar is actually functioning properly with a strong, reliable GPS connection to the ‘fence’ you built in the app, you still have to work on training. Proper conditioning and training is important with any training tool, including harnesses, so this is to be expected. 

The Halo collar functions by using a tone or voice and then static to remind dogs to turn away from a boundary. The company does say you have to train your dog how to respond to the collar. It’s automated, but not automatic. 

We prefer that our dogs are amazing off-leash, not just ok at it. 

Halo DOES NOT teach recall.

It teaches the dog to view the stimulation as something to avoid, but it will not make your dog amazing at coming when called. 

For this reason, we strongly feel that a real E-Collar + Positive training is a better, safer and more humane long term solution.

With an E-Collar (NOT a shock collar!) you can teach your dog to respect invisible boundaries, come when called anywhere you are (including in areas you may be without a cell phone connection), lay down and wait, walk nicely on a leash and more. 

EASY Educator collar


The E-Collar pictured above can be used with two dogs and retails for $349 (see it as well as 1, 3 and 4 dog models here).  

Unlike the Halo, a quality E-Collar comes with a waterproof, shock proof remote. You don’t have to rely on your phone or an app to control the device, and unlike Halo, you’ll have FULL control of all stimulation and communication in every moment. This is especially important if your dog were to try and bolt or do something dangerous.

E-Collars are DIFFERENT than inexpensive shock collars! They provide a gentle, blunt muscle stimulation that most humans cannot actually feel (Seriously! Read our guides on this and learn more about modern, humane and insanely effective E-Collar training:


Do we think you should buy a Halo dog collar? 

Nope. I’m not even going to beat around the bush on this one.

It’s a garbage, poorly made collar from a shady, profit-focused company with terrible customer service, led by a controversial reality television star. 

Phew, that was a mouthful, but I really think it sums it up. Get away from the television, folks! Our dogs deserve so much better. 

NOTE: We’ve noticed that the Halo company has begun to remove their emphasis on their partnership with Cesar Milan. 

With Halo, you’ll pay through the nose for a tool that doesn’t offer even 1/2 the capabilities or reliability of a lower priced, HIGH quality E-Collar (such as E-Collar technologies, Garmin or SportDog, typically around $200-$400, even for multi-dog systems). 

The only reason we’d recommend a HALO collar is for people who cannot build a physical fence around their property and want something slightly more flexible than a traditional invisible fence.

That’s ALL this collar is, assuming that it works properly at all

Training boundaries with an E-Collar instead of Halo may take a little more effort from you as the dog owner at first, but it will pay off!

ESPECIALLY because you’ll help your dog develop amazing off-leash skills and recall, which is much safer than relying on a poorly made device to keep your dog safe.

We know many Dane owners who comfortably let their E-Collar trained dogs outside in an unfenced yard, even without their collars on, because they’ve put the time in and know that their dogs know how to recall AND respond calmly to distractions (two things that no invisible fence or boundary collar can teach). 


We have a growing collection of FREE training and E-Collar training resources for Great Danes. Use the menu above to search, or click HERE for E-Collar training articles.

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