Knuckling is a growth disorder in giant breed dogs that causes the legs to become weak and bowed out over the ankles. It is believed to be caused by bad nutrition. Learn how to fix puppy knuckling with the right food and exercise!

Puppy Knuckling Quick-Start Guide

Puppy knuckling is when a puppy’s feet appear crooked or bowed out (when they shouldn’t)! There are many great resources online for fixing puppy knuckling, and the information can be overwhelming. So rather than boring you with science and research data, I’m going to lay this out in a quick-start guide-type format. If you have …

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Growing Pains in Dogs: Should You be Concerned?

Dogs, especially giant breed puppies such as Great Danes, are susceptible to growing pains, just like humans. In this blog post, we will discuss the symptoms of growing pains in dogs, how to treat them, and how to prevent Panosteitis from happening in the first place! Growing Pains in Dogs Overview What is Panosteitis in …

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