Ethical Breeding

The 2 Sided Debate: Great Dane Ear Cropping

Today we are chatting about Great Dane Ear Cropping! Are there any benefits to cropping Great Dane ears? When is ear cropping done on puppies? We will highlight the risks and benefits of Great Dane clipped ears and ear cropping, as well offer as a little bit of history, information on what to expect if …

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Great Dane Breeder Scams & Shady Business

Unfortunately, there are a lot of shady breeders and Great Dane breeder scams in the world of Great Danes. We see a lot of this, and these breeders prey on people who are new to Great Danes or don’t know much about ethical breeding practices. The dogs and the owners end up suffering for it. …

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Are Great Danes Aggressive?

A lot of people are intimidated by Great Danes because they are so large. There is this assumption that Great Danes are aggressive, perhaps because they are large and generally protective. To make matters worse, many landlords and leasing companies, as well as homeowners insurance companies will list Great Danes as a restricted or ‘aggressive’ …

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