Miniature Great Danes: The ‘Pocket’ Version of a Great Dane

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Hello Danes
Hello Danes
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Miniature Great Danes (also known as ‘Mini’ Great Danes) are the pocket-sized version of our favorite giant breed dog.

A petite micro Great Dane is still a giant breed dog, but smaller in size. Some people prefer this as it allows them to enjoy the wonderful Great Dane temperament when having a 140+ lb dog isn’t practical.


Do Miniature Great Danes Exist?

Mini Great Danes are real. They are not a separate breed, but rather they are just small Great Danes.

Miniature Great Danes are not runts. A runt is the smallest pup in a litter and many runts grow into normal sized adults. Some runts have health problems and may never reach full size; this does not make them ‘miniature’ in the traditional sense.

Actual mini Great Danes, on the other hand, are dogs of normal weight and proportions. They just happen to be petite.

There is no dwarfism or other genetic condition that causes miniature Great Danes to be small; they simply inherit genes from their parents that result in a smaller size.

A ‘miniature’ Harlequin Great Dane


There is no evidence that Miniature Great Danes are healthier than their larger counterparts.

A well-bred Great Dane from a diligent breeder focused on the written standard for Great Danes is most likely to live a long, robust life.

Breeders who intentionally breed for petite (or huge) size are often utilizing unethical breeding practices. Some of those puppies tend to look more like a ‘small Great Dane looking dog’ than an actual, purebred Great Dane.

Contrary to popular belief, mini Great Danes are not a ‘designer’ dog. You should not pay more for a ‘mini Great Dane’.

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A miniature brindle Great Dane


While ‘Mini’ Great Danes are smaller than their full-sized cousins, they are still giant breed dogs and have the same nutritional needs.

A small Great Dane should be fed a high-quality diet formulated for large breed dogs to ensure they grow at a healthy rate.

We do not recommend intentionally stunting, or increasing a dog’s growth by feeding an incorrect diet!

Choose a high-quality large breed formula. We prefer brands such as Pro Plan which are backed by nutrition research and science.

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