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Have we got a story for you! Accidental breedings are never ethical, and it’s never right to intentionally breed a Great Dane and a Frenchie together. However, these Great Dane Frenchie mix puppies are a special case, and you’re not going to believe how this happened!

This story involves a grand champion Great Dane and a French Bulldog. The puppies look like miniature Scooby Doo dogs!

It’s important to share this story but we need to make it clear that these are NOT images that we took. You can view the originals from Neet Great Danes HERE.

Great Dane Frenchie Pups Accident Timeline

Neet Danes is a show breeder with multiple AKC champion dogs in their pedigree. This is a highly ethical breeder with gorgeous, healthy dogs.

As a matter of fact, because of their involvement in dog shows, dog sports, OFA health testing, the GDCA, the AKC, and Great Dane rescue (they have helped rescue over 500 dogs), Neet Danes is a perfect example of an exceptional breeder who should be celebrated.

Imagine their surprise when a highly anticipated litter of potential Champion puppies didn’t grow the same way that normal Great Dane puppies do…

How does something like this happen? This story is shocking and actually devastating, but Neet Danes has truly made lemonade out of lemons.

Here is what happened: A few years ago Neet Danes contracted the “Canine Semen Center” to store semen from one of their highly awarded Grand Champion studs, ISOH GCH Neet’s Baby Face AOM CAX BCAT CGCA CGCU TKN RATI.

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(Image source HERE) Image shared only for educational purposes.

Cool Bred Canine, Frozen in Time, & the Canine Semen Center

The Canine Semen Center has been known by a few names over the years, and as of this writing they are still in business. The company is owned and operated by Sherian Evans & Linda Peterson.

It is not unusual for breeders to collect and store semen from dogs. This is a common practice that aids in diversifying the gene pool.

Neet Danes learned after the fact that the owners of this company store the semen in their own personal garage. I’m not sure what the common practice is here, but this feels like a red flag. ?

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way there was a major, major mixup.

Instead of being inseminated with Neet’s Baby Face semen, the breeders dam was inseminated with, you guessed it, the semen collected from a French Bulldog.

This mixup resulted in Great Dane Frenchie mix puppies, and over $30K in veterinary bills. Not to mention, this mistake could have been devastating for all of the dogs involved.

Neet Danes shares the story and all of the information on their Facebook page, embedded below:

What do Great Dane Frenchie Pups Look Like?

Fortunately the champion lineage of these puppies showed up in a big way, and they look very much like miniature Great Danes.

Note, do not breed or purposefully seek out this mix. The puppies may be cute, but to do this intentionally would be incredibly unethical.

The breeder became extra suspicious when the puppies began to develop a crooked bite. However, even at the time that the puppies ears were cropped, they still looked like Great Danes!

Two weeks after having their ears cropped, the puppies started to fall behind on the growth chart, and show other signs that they were not, in fact, purebred Great Danes.

This could have turned out much, much worse. French Bulldogs are subject to numerous health problems that could have caused the puppies, and the families who own them, absolute heartbreak.

Neet Danes, being the ethical breeder that they are, placed a heavy focus on finding exceptional families for the Great Dane Frenchie pups that were accidentally bred.

What is Next for Neet Danes?

Of course, as cute as these puppies are, this is absolutely tragic.

Not only was it a wasted breeding that contributed nothing to the health of their breeding program, the Dam was put through a pregnancy and whelping situation that should have never happened.

The worst part is that as of this writing, the Canine Semen Center has done absolutely nothing to help Neet Danes out.

The storage facility claims to be frantically DNA testing their stock to sort out the mistake and find Neet’s Baby Face’s semen (which is still missing, by the way).

They have done absolutely nothing to compensate Neet Danes.

Not only did Neet Danes end up with the wrong puppies, the semen collected from their Grand Champion stud is gone. That may seem like a small thing, but when you dedicate years of your life to curating an exceptional pedigree of dogs with outstanding health, structure, and temperaments, this is a huge loss.

Please support Neet Danes by liking and following their content! At this point, the only thing they can do, potentially, is sue for damages.

Spreading the word can help ensure that other breeders do not use the Canine Semen Center (or whatever other name they rebrand to) in the future.

At Hello Danes we support Neet Danes in any capacity here, and are happy to use our platform to make sure this never happens to another dog or breeder again…

If you want more amazing content on this topic, please follow one of our favorite creators on Tik Tok, @TheGreatDaneScientist and see her recent post on this topic below. Remember to like, follow, and comment!


Warning: Frozen In Time Reproductive Services – which “took over” Canine Semen Center, won’t take responsibility for their gross negligence. Owning a mixed breed is not any less rewarding than owning an ethically bred dog. No one hates mixed breed dogs and every dog deserves a loving home. The intention behind the production of puppies is what makes a breeder ethical or not. In this case, these mixed breeds were not known to be mixed until almost 10 weeks of age.

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as a substitute for professional veterinary advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 

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