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Please use this space to give us links to your social media accounts or website where you want us to give you credit. This is also a good space to share your dog’s names and information, if desired! Breeder mentions are welcome!
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This goes without saying, but we are looking for GREAT Great Danes!

  • Cute puppies of any age!
  • Show dogs (at shows, at home, etc.)
  • Ethical breeding (litters, early socialization, etc.)
  • Ear crop before & after
  • Dogs off-leash
  • Healthy play
  • Senior dogs
  • Eating
  • Dogs with special needs and special medical equipment
  • Healthy paws/nail trims
  • Overgrown nails before/after
  • Allergies & skin conditions
  • Dogs playing and having fun, including swimming!
  • Sports including agility, dock diving, etc.
  • Dogs in training
  • Dogs receiving veterinary care
  • Knuckling, pano, HOD, wobblers, mega-e, and other growth and orthopedic disorders
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