Are you interested in sharing your Great Dane with us? You can submit your images and videos on this form!

We always give credit, so please include your website and social media handles if available.

For videos: Please upload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo (free!) and send us a link that can be shared publicly.

For images: Please share links to clickable/downloadable images. Google Images and DropBox both have great free options for this! We prefer images that are well-lit.

We may or may not use photos or videos that are submitted here. By submitting photos and/or videos via this form, you give us permission to use your images and pictures on our website or on social media.

Great Dane images and videos that we are particularly interested in:

  • Puppies with knuckling, HOD, panosteitis, hip dysplasia, angular limb deformity, cow hocks and flat feet
  • Knuckling before and after
  • Active and athletic Great Danes
  • Funny Great Dane videos
  • Great Dane fails
  • Great Danes wearing proper E-Collars (E-Collar Technologies or Dogtra) or prong collars
  • Small dogs living life with Great Danes
  • Baths, nail trimming, grooming, or veterinary scenes
  • Well-trimmed nails
  • Healthy/fun play and wrestling
  • Well-bred puppies
  • Off-standard colors
  • Ear cropping before/after and the taping/healing process
  • Show dogs at shows and/or being goofy and living a fun life
  • Dock diving, trick training and other sports
  • Training classes and working with trainers
  • Videos of Great Danes that are bloating, having seizures or experiencing similar medical problems (for educational purposes in the Dane community, will be used with utmost respect)
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