Today I’m going to review the Ruffwear Chain Reaction Martingale Collar for Great Danes.

I chose the ‘Seafoam’ pattern for our large male Great Dane.

The Ruffwear company builds rugged products for adventurous dogs. We are always interested in trying Ruffwear out on our Great Danes, because we know just how hard they can be on their gear! 

Read our Ruffwear Chain Reaction Collar review below! 

This collar is a hybrid between three types of collar: nylon/webbing, martingale and choke chain.

Martingale collars are sometimes called ‘limited slip’. When you use the correct size for your dog, they are escape proof. 

Full chain collars are meant to grab the attention of your dog through the ‘zipping’ sound of the chain when you do a quick leash correction.

The Ruffwear Chain Reaction collar combines the ‘zip’ of the chain collar with the comfort and safety of a martingale. 

Here is my first-impression video review of the Chain Reaction collar. 


PROS of the Chain Reaction Collar

  • Well made. Much nicer than collars at the chain pet stores.
  • Quick easy corrections are possible for dogs that just need a little reminder at times.
  • Includes a tag silencer.
  • Pretty colors! 

CONS of the Chain Reaction Collar

  • Requires training.
  • Not safe as a tag collar to leave on all day or while unsupervised.
  • Needs to be wider. We like to see 1.5″ – 2″ collars on Great Danes.

A quick note about loose-leash training

The chain reaction collar should not be used on dogs that pull wildly as they may choke themselves and damage their trachea.

It is very important to put the time into teaching the dog the correct behavior (walk near me, look at me) using positive reinforcement.

The chain can then be used for quick corrections if needed, once your dog understands the behavior they should be doing. 

This is extra important for dogs showing reactivity and fear.

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