As Natalie and I have built this website, we’ve started to realize something.

Good breeders don’t NEED us to advertise their breeding program.

Chances are, you don’t need a listing on our website to generate traffic and inquiries about your puppies. If you do, we aren’t likely an integral or necessary part of your business.

So we set out to evaluate what the true purpose of our ethical breeder registry is, because we want to make sure that we truly are serving good breeders and helping Danes.


No, you don’t need a fancy website or a beautiful listing on Hello Danes.

We understand that.

But the Danes? Let’s chat about them. They need you.

We know you’ve been so busy with your program, focusing on what you do that you may not be fully aware or in, invested in a huge problem that has been brewing for years in Great Danes.

The good breeders are so quiet, and may even be somewhat inaccessible (rarely heard from, wait lists) that most pet owners head straight to, you guessed it, the backyard breeders.

It’s really all they know. Those BYB’s are NOISY.

Every day on social media and in Great Dane social groups owners are presented with puppies from breeders that focus heavily on designer color and hyper-type conformation. Things that sell well because they are flashy and unrelated to ‘show dogs’ and perceived ‘show dog snobbery’. 

These breeders are often doing bare-minimum health testing, and the Great Dane community believes they are ‘reputable’ by virtue of the volume of puppies they sell.

When such a noticeable percentage of pet Great Danes are from unethical and questionable breeding programs, all of us should be alarmed. 


The truth? We actually think there is a solid shortage of well bred pet Great Dane puppies that are available from truly careful, reputable breeders.

Hence the reason you have a waitlist and are easily able to turn down potential buyers. 

Hence the reason that we can look around the community and see that problems with health and temperament abound among Danes purchased from the  abundance of sketchy breeders. . 

Our goal is to completely flip this on its head. It is no longer acceptable, in our book, for pet dog owners and Great Danes to continue being scammed by backyard breeders. 


Even if you don’t need our website to promote a single pet owner to reach out and inquire about a puppy from your carefully bred lines, your listing helps Great Danes as a whole. 

The more ethical breeders (show focused & pet focused breeders) we can put in front of Great Dane owners, the more likely they are going to be able to truly start to see and understand the difference. 

The more ethical breeders we can showcase, the more likely a new breeder or backyard breeder can see how important and beautiful this work is, and may be better able to take it seriously from the start. 

Are we using you? Perhaps. But it’s all in our love for this breed. We WANT people to see and understand what ethical, quality breeders actually look like.

Gorgeous proven parents, full health screening and buyer support; three key elements missing from nearly every backyard breeding program. 


List with us for FREE until 2022.

Our goal is to educate dog owners.

Even if you have no trouble receiving applications, our hope is that inquiries coming to you are Dane people who are already well-equipped to be excellent, dedicated, loving and stable owners of this breed.

Our Facebook group rules allow for ethical breeders, approved in our registry to speak and share their programs. The voices of backyard breeders are promptly and enthusiastically shut down.

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